Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy anniversary Mocca & Me ♥

It's time to celebrate, lovelies! Mocca & Me turns seven this month! It all started in 2009 with a laptop and a desire to create an online space for myself to collect interior design inspiration and a way to connect with other like minded peeps. And it has been such a lovely ride so far! I do have to admit, at times it was real challenge to find time and inspiration to blog. Life happens and you just get caught up in the daily to-do's and what not. But blogging gave me so much joy and so I always found my way back to the blog sphere. Thank you all, dears, for reading my little blog.

Cheers and love,
Natascha xoxo

Thursday, March 31, 2016

HOME TOUR || Fresh and bright Paris apartment

How gorgeous is this Paris apartment? Beautiful wooden floors, high ceilings with pretty ornaments and all those many big windows, pouring in light. I love the fact that the owners choose a very subtle and light blue/grey shade on the walls, allmost white but not quite. Keeps the home fresh and bright without looking clinical. Love the basic furnishings, use of natural materials and the art on the walls give the apartment its cool character. Enjoy the tour!

Images via Vogue Australia.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

INSPIRATION & ME || Photography inspire sessions

Last week I did something quite exciting! My friend Lia and I joined the inspire sessions organised by the talented interior stylist, photographer and blogger Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle and visual storyteller and wedding photographer Hanke Arkenbout. Together with a bunch of other creative ladies we spent an afternoon shooting pictures of Holly's beautiful home in Delft and sharing tips and ideas.
Many of the ladies there were professional photographers or at least very experienced photography aficionado's. So, there I was... holding my DSLR camera in my hands for the first time in two years and feeling a bit out of place. You see, I'd become a bit lazy lately and usually I just grab my iPhone to take pictures. Not much wrong with that, but I was wanting to photograph again with my DSLR. So, this session was just what I needed to spark my enthousiasm and get going again. The pictures I took aren't epic, but that's okay. It's a start. And I recieved valuable tips to help me along the way. My favourite: edit, edit, edit! Just like with content writing (what I do a lot in my day job), you edit and take away what is not necesary or relevant. Turns out that the same principle applies to photography! Determine what you want to photograph and what you're going to include in your frame, then just take a good look at it all and: edit, edit, edit! Might sound like a big 'duh' to most of you, but it wasn't that obvious for me.

Another thing I learned is that, no matter how crappy you think you are, you can get better. You can even become fantastic, just practice, practice and practice! Another 'duh' there, right? Not when - like me - you think that you need a load of talent or some kind of special 'eye' to take fab pictures. I thought I was lacking talent or that photography 'eye', but what I learned is that all these amazing photographer ladies worked at their craft and practiced, a lot. And read all about how to improve their skills, asking others for feedback, studying images they love and just practiced, for years. And they became fantastic at it.

And that's it for my recap on the inspire session. If you're looking to improve your skills and to get a boost of inspiration, join a session like this. It's always fun to connect with like minded people and it'll get your creative juices flowing. Read more about the inspire sessions on Holly's blog Avenue Lifestyle.

All images are photographed by me, with my iPhone (still have to transfer the ones of my DSLR to my PC) and shot at Holly Marder's home (thanks Holly). 

Monday, March 14, 2016

HOME TOUR || Swedish apartment in shades of grey and a hint of caramel

Hello dears! I have been busy busy busy with work and loads of fun and inspiring things, which I'll be sharing here on the blog later on: fab interior stores and brands and some pics of an awesome photography inspiration session. For now, I'm leaving you with this beautiful and serene Swedish home. Love the grey tones combined with a hint of caramel colour accent used in the leather couch. The light wooden dining chairs and cupboard work really well with the grey colours, adding warmth and contrast to the cool grey hues.

Images via Elle Decor France. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DESIGN EVENTS || List of European design events for 2016

Last year I posted a list of European design events for 2015. This post had the most pageviews last year. I've therefore decided to create a list of European design events for this year as well. So, here it is: all the most important interior and furniture design events in Europe for 2016, on one list. You can thank me later ;)

IMM Cologne
18 - 24 January 2016

Formex Furniture Fair - Stockholm
20 - 23 January 2016

London Design Week 
10 - 13 March 2016

Design March Rykjavic
12 - 15 March 2015

Salone del Mobile Milano 
12 - 17 April 2016

Design Monat - Graz, Austria
01- 31 May 2016

Clerkenwell Design Week - London 
24 - 26 May 2016

DMY International Design Festival - Berlin
02 - 05 June 2016

Barcelona Design Week
02 - 12 June 2016

Florance Design Week 
15 - 19 June 2016

Helsinki Design Week 
01 - 11 September 2016

Paris Design Week 
03 - 10 September 2016

The Londen Design Festival
17 - 25 September 2016

VT Wonen en Design beurs - Amsterdam
27 September - 02 October 2016

Moscow Design Week 
14 - 18 October 2016

Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven
22 - 30 October 2016

Brussels Furniture Fair
06 - 09 November 2016

Cocoon Le Salon Maison & Deco - Brussels Expo
19 - 27 November 2016

Image by © Sjoerd Eickmans