Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blog alert! Urban Lifestyle Decor

Here is a blog you need to know about! I'm talking about Urban Lifestyle Decor. This blog is a showcase for unique interior designs and decors covering a mix eclectic, urban, bohemian, gothic and industrial styles with a special focus on furniture.

The blog's editor Susan Rapp has a backround in the furnishing industry where she worked as a display designer and director of lifestyle merchandising among other things. In her work she came across amazing manufacturers & importers. Her love for great furniture is visible throughout her blog with posts on really fantastic and inspirational furniture items and labels. Urban Lifestyle Decor is a great source of inspiration for cool and funky urban styles. Have a look at some of the posts on this blog (click on image to go to original post and read full article).

Source photographs: UrbanLifestyleDecor blog.


  1. yes i found urban lifestyle decor very good too, but ive noticed she hasnt posted in a while :(

    that gothic interior is interesting but scary!

  2. True... Maybe she's on a long vacation :-) Let's hope she'll start blogging again soon :-D

  3. Hi my friend! How are you? I'm great, tired since I'm learning so much new stuff at my new job, and I also cut my daily 3 cups of coffee to zero, so not much energy left this week.. :) Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. Hey Tiina! I'm doing great. So nice to hear from you. Starting a new job can be intense 'cause you're concentrating and learing all day. Might explain why you're tired :-) Thankfully the weekend is just around the corner :-D I'm wishing you lot's of fun and joy this weekend.


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