Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the spotlight: Dutch interior designer Marijke Schipper

Marijke Schipper is one of my favorite Dutch interior designers. She is well known in The Netherlands for her work on popular tv shows where she has transformed many homes. One of my favorite shows to watch was Samenwonen (which means Living Together in Dutch) where two people with very different tastes and styles move in together. The designers on the show had the dificult task of designing a living space for these couples where both their styles and tastes had to be merged together, trying to incorporate most of the existing furnitures and decorating items. Marijke Schipper was my favorite designer on the show, always creating beautiful and stylish interiors with a very personal touch. Here is a look at some of her work, interiors she designed for the show Samenwonen.

Source photographs: www.marijkeschipper.nl


  1. some lovely contemporary elements in these rooms!

    have a great week Natascha :)


  2. I love the wall in the image with the long sofa. It's a little something, something!

  3. I really like how organic and natural this space feels. GREAT Inspiration!