Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the spotlight: Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler

In the spotlight this time is interior desiger Kelly Wearstler. I had not heard of her before untill my interview with Elizabeth of Chichi & Luxe who mentioned Kelly Wearstler as one of her favorites. After taking a look at Wearstler's work I was sold. Her work is absolutely exquisit! Her interiors are stylish, elegant, she's not afraid to use colour and she fills her spaces with art and interesting decorative pieces. All of this creates beautiful and interesting interiors where every detail is well thought of and that I can look at for hours. Here is a selection of my favorite rooms by the stylish Kelly Wearstler.

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  1. oh Kelly will i ever get to meet you?! so glad you are also now inspired by her work Natascha!