Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog alert! 79 IDEAS by the lovely Raru

79 IDEAS is one fantastic blog you HAVE to go check out immediately! It is fresh, cool and has lots of lovely and great post. 79 Ideas features some really unique stuff that I haven’t seen before which is why it is the newest Blog Alert on Mocca & Me.

Founder and editor of 79 Ideas is the fabulous Raru, a graphic designer form the Czech Republic. She posts about everything from design and décor and inspirational quotes and photo’s, lovely wannahaves like beautiful ceramics by Sam Baron, the cutest Amy Sol illustrations, great handmade letter pillows and lots of other really fantastic things. 79 Ideas is a great new blog and I suggest everyone to go and check it out! Seriously! Right now! Drop everything you’re doing and go…


  1. this looks niiiice.. thanks alot for introducing.. reallly pushing and convincing us to view this site.. u sold it to me.. 79 ideas is a lucky site to build readers like you..

  2. I love the pillows 'Ak' my first and last names!! BTW brown colors are my favorite too.