Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy handmade leather carpets - Feliz

If this carpet doesn't make you happy none will. This is the beautiful handmade carpet Feliz by Dutch designer Manon Juliette. The Feliz carpet is made out of leftover leather and made in Brasil by disadvantaged people. Juliette designed the carpets in such a way that no sewing machine is needed so any size or shape is possible. And the carpet is available in many different colours. This is truly a unique product that not only looks beautiful in your home but helps the disadvantaged in Brasil. Now that has to make you Feliz! For more information go to

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  1. my goodness what an amazing texture. if there's no sewing machine involved does that mean they're done by hand?!


  2. I love this carpet. I think the texture would feel amazing and it is so beautiful to look at. I love all the colors too. Have a good weekend, Natascha!

  3. It's so beautiful carpets, love it, thanks for sharing, have see some more carpets also here
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  4. I am interested to purchase this carpet. How can I do so?