Monday, October 26, 2009

More Mo Man Tai

More fabulous design by Mo Man Tai at the Dutch Design Week! Last week was the Dutch Design Week and I decided to check it out last saturday. Me and some friends took the train to the city of Eindhoven where this great design event was being held. I saw realy fab things that I will be blogging about this week. So stay tuned!

One of the great things I saw was some fabulous new work of the label Mo Man Tai by designer Ulrike Jurklies. I had the pleasure to meet Ulrike briefly at the event and she's as lovely as I expected her to be. I have posted on her work a short while ago here. This time I want to show you her wonderful recycled furniture. Ulrike takes second hand tables and gives them new lives by adding a layer of etched stainless steel. For this project Ulrike joined forces with Roel van Hove of Etsprit to create a classic lace pattern in stainless steel ging the old furniture a funky and modern new look. Don't you just love these tables? For more information visit the website

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