Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In love with the Sahara stool by Dutch designer Chris Ruhe

I'm in love with this stool Sahara by Dutch designer Chris Ruhe. I first saw it at the Dutch Design Week and thought it was stunning. I love the look - clean, simple and beautiful - and I also love the ingenuity of the design. The Sahara stool is made out of wavy wooden rings that bounce while you sit on it which is great for an active way of sitting. The stool is made out of solid European wood and the seat can be covered with leather a comes in various heights. For more information visit the website Dutch).

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  1. Now... that I saw them... I also love them :)

  2. OMG! Can't believe that Maryam from My Marakesh visited my blog and left a comment!! :-D This is so cool! (And I'm a total dork) This totally made my day :-) Thanks Maryam.

    And thanks to you too Raru, for always leaving sweet comments.