Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy handmade leather carpets - Feliz

If this carpet doesn't make you happy none will. This is the beautiful handmade carpet Feliz by Dutch designer Manon Juliette. The Feliz carpet is made out of leftover leather and made in Brasil by disadvantaged people. Juliette designed the carpets in such a way that no sewing machine is needed so any size or shape is possible. And the carpet is available in many different colours. This is truly a unique product that not only looks beautiful in your home but helps the disadvantaged in Brasil. Now that has to make you Feliz! For more information go to

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Monday, October 26, 2009

More Mo Man Tai

More fabulous design by Mo Man Tai at the Dutch Design Week! Last week was the Dutch Design Week and I decided to check it out last saturday. Me and some friends took the train to the city of Eindhoven where this great design event was being held. I saw realy fab things that I will be blogging about this week. So stay tuned!

One of the great things I saw was some fabulous new work of the label Mo Man Tai by designer Ulrike Jurklies. I had the pleasure to meet Ulrike briefly at the event and she's as lovely as I expected her to be. I have posted on her work a short while ago here. This time I want to show you her wonderful recycled furniture. Ulrike takes second hand tables and gives them new lives by adding a layer of etched stainless steel. For this project Ulrike joined forces with Roel van Hove of Etsprit to create a classic lace pattern in stainless steel ging the old furniture a funky and modern new look. Don't you just love these tables? For more information visit the website

Eye candy - in my favorite colours mocca and browns

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog alert! 79 IDEAS by the lovely Raru

79 IDEAS is one fantastic blog you HAVE to go check out immediately! It is fresh, cool and has lots of lovely and great post. 79 Ideas features some really unique stuff that I haven’t seen before which is why it is the newest Blog Alert on Mocca & Me.

Founder and editor of 79 Ideas is the fabulous Raru, a graphic designer form the Czech Republic. She posts about everything from design and décor and inspirational quotes and photo’s, lovely wannahaves like beautiful ceramics by Sam Baron, the cutest Amy Sol illustrations, great handmade letter pillows and lots of other really fantastic things. 79 Ideas is a great new blog and I suggest everyone to go and check it out! Seriously! Right now! Drop everything you’re doing and go…

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another beautiful Madrid home - by interior designer Raúl Martins

I love the use of colour and the combination of colours used in this house in Madrid. The home is styled and decorated by interior designer Raúl Martins. The spaces are elegant, femine and luxurious and every detail is carefully selected giving the house an interesting look. Beautiful.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Apartment in Madrid by Tomás Alía

The following photographs are of a fabulous apartment in Madrid. The spaces are designed by Tomás Alía who is one of the most influential interior designers of Spain. Alía is know for his residential work but has also done some amazing commercial projects. The following home was featured in the Spanish interior decor magazine Nuevo Estilo.

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Cute porcelain by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

How cute are these porcelain items by Pigeon Toe Ceramics? Owner and designers Lisa Jones says that the collection grew out of a deep love for handmade dishware and the Scandinavian aesthetic. All items are handmade in porcelain or a porcelain-like stoneware, then embellished and altered to form their unique, organic shapes and designs. I think they are sweet! For more information on the Pigeon Toe Ceramics click here or visit the shop here.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open house - Duplex apartment in Paris

Here is a look at a great duplex apartment in Paris. The young couple living here decided to expand the apartment by taking over the apartment upstairs and adding it to their existing apartment. What I love about this place is the subtle use of industrial elements in combination with the classic features of the house and the use of neutral, earthy colours. Very stylish!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fab find! Cool lamps by RE-SURFACE

Here are some very cool lampshades that you need to know about. They have an industrial, street kind of look and are from the label RE-SURFACE, that produces a range of lighting and interior decor objects with art at heart & design in mind. All these stunning shades are designed and hand-crafted by Donna Brady. Brady studied architecture and has worked as a graphic artist/web designer. In 2003 Donna Brady founded boutique factory and design studio RE-SURFACE with the idea that urban decay could be transformed into beautiful design elements for the home. And she was right. For more information or to buy visit the website Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Clockwise from top left: shades Noble, Kent, Vanderbilt and Marcy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bedlinnens by SNURK - sleep for a good cause

SNURK is a Dutch label that produces truly special bedlinnens. Special becasue the designs are different, because SNURK is the only label that makes digitally printed bedlinnens and because they use the finest cottons. But what is even more special about SNURK is the charitable hearts of the people behind this label. To help homeless youngsters SNURK donates 40% of all revenues from the Le-Clochard and Le-Troitoir collections. The Le-Clochard duvet displays cardboard boxes and the Le-Troitor mattress cover shows a sidewalk. Combine the two and it would be like sleeping like a homeless person but for a good cause. And I must say, I like the duvet cover a lot. To buy click here.
Le-Clochard duvet cover and Le-Trottoir mattress cover.
Who left his shirt on my bed?! The newest collection of duvet covers by SNURK is called White Laundry and displays items of clothing so realistically that you would think that someone actually left their shirth on your bed. How fun is this duvet cover?
The White Laundry collection also comes in the series Socks, Robe, Thong and Bra. I do advise you to warn your partner before putting these linnens on your bed to avoid a quarrel * wink*

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Handmade accessories by Dutch label WONDERABLE

WONDERABLE is a collection of stunning handmade accessories for your home. I first saw these pieces at the Woonbeurs Amsterdam fair I visited last weekend and fell in love immediately with this wonderful label. Carla Peters - the person behind the designs - combines western design techniques with ancient craft traditions from eastern countries. The results are fantastic and unique items. Here is a look at a few accessories. To see the entire collection visit the website (in Dutch).

These pearl motives on the cubic tables are hand cut and embedded and covered with eighteen layers of coating, giving them the chic shiny gloss.

The Spanish platform tree coffeetable is glass painted in traditional motives and is places on a mirror. When you take a closer look at this table you will see the motives reflected in different layers making this a very exciting piece.

The pillows of the Dreadlock series are finished with typical Peruvian striped fringes. The pillow of the Landscape Dots series are made of thick and soft wool threads that are sewn on silk giving this pillow an interesting look.

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