Friday, February 19, 2010

Dining room inspiration

I have recently been looking at a lot of dining room photo's. I plan on moving to a new place this year and I am searching for decorating ideas. I have a very old dining table that I'm planning to either throw out, or recycle. I really like the dining area in the first area, the combination between the rustic table and modern chairs. The lamp is awesome too (if anyone can tell me who the designer is I will be very grateful). Which one is your favorite?

Source photographs unknown


  1. Love the first picture- very cool!


  2. Hi Natascha, how are you? I´m from Brazil and I´ve been reading your beautiful blog and enjoying it so much. I linked it in my own blog - if you don´t mind. Come to visit me!


  3. Thanks for your comments girls. @ Carmen: thank you for linking to Mocca & Me! I've had a look at you blog and I love it. I will be linking back ;-)

    Have a good weekend, xoxo