Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photographer Ryann Ford

While surfing the web I stumbled upon photographer Ryann Ford from Austin, Texas and I now love her work. Not only are the interiors beautiful, I also like the way she photographs. Her pictures often have an interesting focus or point of view. Since I'm really into grey lately, the first two pictures really caught my eye. Especially the first photo where grey is combined with pink accents. Very feminine yet strong. For more eye candy by Ryann Ford visit her website here.

Source photographs www.ryannford.com


  1. Hi, Natascha! I came here to read your new post and I realized you linked my blog here..It´s really amazing. Thank you so much!

  2. Wonderful photos!!! The first one is my favorite :)


  3. I love the monogram pillow, I have been wanting to incorporate monogram into my home. I am thinking the ARt wall...we'll see! Fabulous photographer indeed.

  4. Thanks girls for you lovely comments :-)

    @ Carmen, you're welcome. Great blog you have there (even though I don't speak portugese) so I decided to link back.

    @ Elizabeth: I had a quick look at your blog and it is cute! Not many posts yet but it looks very promising! I hope you'll keep on blogging. Thanks for linking me. I've added you on my blogroll :-)

    @ Mi vida bonita: thanks for stopping by. I hadn't seen your blog yet, but now I have and I love it. I've added you too on my blogroll.

    Natascha xoxo