Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog alert! RAZ Aesthetic

I have a very special blog I want to share with you... ..... RAZ Aesthetic is a very cool and very stylish blog by New York fashion and lifestyle photographer Shiraz Ansari. I had dropped him a line telling him how much I loved his blog and Shiraz send me a lovely e-mail back. He says he started the blog RAZ (the last part of his name Shiraz; RAZ also means "secret" in Urdu, the language from his country of origin, Pakistan) in 2008 and it has become his journal of all that inspires him. The blog features posts on home stores across the US, global interiors and many edgy and fab items on culture, media, people and trends. All of this dipped in lots and lots of sensuality! This blog is quite different from the blogs I've featured before but it is one that you have to check out! Visit Shiraz's portfolio here and check out his blog:

All images via RAZ.

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