Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dutch Design - Tweet by Mo Man Tai

I have posted about Dutch design label Mo Man Tai before here and here and now they have a lovely new product out that I want to share with you, called Tweet. Everyone nowadays sends e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. But let's be honest, receiving a handwritten card or note is still the best. Mo Man Tai came up with this sweet idea of sending your loved one a handwritten 'tweet', a little note deliverd by a laser cut metal birdie. How cute is that?

Tweet comes with a stack of tiny paper sheets and is available via the website: www.momantai-design.com. Mo Man Tai has lots more great design goodies like the stainless serviette ring, steel egg cup and waxlight rack seen here.

All images via Mo Man Tai website.


  1. Great design! But I have to admit that my kind of designs are the kind that shows like the future, applying forms that usually the people don't see on the street on in the subway. Great post!

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