Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lonny Magazine's fourth issue is out now!

Every time a new issue of Lonny Magazine is out I get so excited! I've spend most of my sunday reading the magazine, back to back. Main theme in this edition is Eco-chic and again the editors did an amazing job. I learned that Eco-chic doesn't have to be boring, but can be exciting and truly chic. My favorites are an article on the new NY appartment of Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief of Lonny Magazine. But I also realy enjoyed reading the article about Trading Spaces designer Laura Day, I LOVE her sense of style. I would give an arm or a leg to trade spaces with her! Read the entire issue of this edition of Lonny Magazine here and learn all about Eco-chic.

Source images Lonny Magazine.


  1. It's fabulous!!

    Just found your lovely blog ~~
    xo Laura

  2. Hi Laura, welcome to my blog! It is always exciting for me to hear from new readers :-)
    Have a fab week!

    Natascha xoxo

  3. I realize this is a very good magazine where I can get excellent tips, this is incredible the way I can improve my apartment with these advices .