Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snapshots - headboard inspiration

An ex-collegue of mine and his girlfriend are remodeling their house and he had asked me if I could help him out with finding some pieces for his home. He is looking for a padded footstool and headboard, like in the first image. I've roamed the internet in search for these items and found a few stores where they sold padded footstools, but finding a headboard is much harder. So, if any of you know a shop with padded headboards that ships to The Netherlands, let me know. Anyway, this all inspired me to go through my digital collection of bedroom photo's and share with you my favorite one's of padded headboards...

Source images unknown.


  1. Great inspiration, those all look fab! I love a tufted headboard.

  2. TUFTED! That's the word I was looking for!!! Padded sounds so... 'maxi-pad' hahaha. I just couldn't remember the correct word. Oh well. Btw, I love that look too.

  3. very van der Rohe! I love those headboards. My friend is also looking for a headborad to build so i will show these for her!

    have a happy weekend!
    / tiina

  4. Thanks a lot for your great advise and inspiration.

    Cheers, 'that' ex-collegue

  5. Thanks Tiina. Have a wonderful week.

    And to my ex-collegue, glad I could help. A fantastic week to you too :-D

    Natasch xoxo