Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small living room looking grand and some colour inspiration

Who says a small living room can't look great? I love the room below. It's quite narrow but it doesn't feel like it is small, it is actually quite inviting. The tric is to splash on some cool colour on the wall (no patterns), use a colour pallete with no more that two colours and no clutter. A small room doesn't mean small furniture. You can put in a good size sofa in there, just keep the colour neutral and limit the number of other furniture to a minimum. Also, one good focal point on the wall gives the room depth. Nicely done!
And since I'm loving the green so much, here is some more green colour inspiration. As you can see, even small details like the cushion and the flowers can give, an otherwise dull room, a cool touch.

Or if you're a braver character you can choose to paint one or two furniture pieces into a funky accent colour. Would you dare?

Source images unknown.

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  1. The first one is my favorite, love the painting on the wall.