Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog alert! Pimpelwit

I am so happy to introduce you to this next blog: Pimpelwit by Marieke van Proosdij! I'm excited because one, it's a Dutch blog! I haven't found that many Dutch interior/decor blogs out there. And I love to promote everything Dutch. Two, I'm double excited because the editor is an interior decorator and prop stylist. That means you'll get ideas, tips and inspiration from someone in the business. And three, I'm super excited because on this blog you'll find great Dutch interiors and you'll get a glimpse of her work. So, three reason to drop whatever you're doing and hop on over to Pimpelwit at www.pimpelwitstyling.blogspot.com. The blog is in Dutch, but there is a translator button top right on the blog that'll translate the site for you (it'll give you some funky english, but hey, you'll be able to understand most of it. And it has lot of eyecandy!) Enjoy!

All images via Pimpelwit.


  1. ...and funky english it is ;)
    thanks for the great words for my blog
    greetz marieke

  2. Hi Marieke,
    It's my pleasure! Always great to meet fellow Dutch interior bloggers :-)

    Fijne week!
    Natascha xoxo

  3. Hi Natascha! how are you, darling! I love to read your lovely posts and I do it via Google Reader because it faster but I would like you to know that I´m with you always.

    kisses and hugs from Sao Paulo - Brazil

  4. Hi Carmen!
    Lovely to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words :-) And you know that I am a regular reader of your blog too :-)

    Abraços from the Netherlands!
    Natascha xoxo

  5. What you said in here is really truth because I'm gonna take ideas, tips from someone in the business, that's perfect because I like decorate my house but I don't have professional ideas like this man can have, i hope to take advantage of these tips because decoration is one of my hobbies.