Saturday, February 12, 2011

Church in the Netherlands becomes beautiful townhouse - amen!

It must be a unique experience to live in a church! Yes, that's right! Here in the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht to be precise, lies the St. Jacobus church. This beautiful gothic church, that is a municipal monument, was remodeled and under strict and close supervision transformed into a townhouse that is absolutely stunning. By keeping the furniture and decorating to a minimum the features of this building are even more accentuated. The high ceilings, the stained glass windows, the many floors/layers, the tremendous amount of light that comes in, the shape of the building all make it special. I love the paintings too. But the building itself is the best feature, don't you agree? This home is for sale! So, if you can afford the asking price, it's all yours. And pleeeease invite me over for coffee! I'll bring muffins! Cholocate ones :-) For more info, photographs and floorplans click here.

Images via here.


  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful! This isn't the first church-turned-home I've seen and they all turn out looking gorgeous!