Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colour inspiration: little pops of colour

When you're going to do colour in your home it is difficult to decide how to do it, tastefully. Do you just choose one colour or more? How do you apply the colour(s) you choose? Do you paint the walls or do you just do colourful accessories? I myself am a earth tone, mocca and natural colours kinda girl. But when colours are done right, I really love it. Here are a few images colourful interiors beautifully done.
Above you see that a room that has grey as a basic colour just comes alive with some touches of colours. By choosing colours in the same colour range (orange, reds, pinks, lilacs) it gives it a chic and warm look. What's easy about this is that you can easily change the cushions into some purple and blue toned cushions and the room will have an entirely different look, more cool.
You can also keep the basic all white and add little pops of colours with for example colourful furniture, like the chaires in the left image above. Or choose colourful artwork and some cushions (cushions are the BEST home accessories ever!)
Choosing one area of your house to display your collection of colourful vases can also do the trick. That way you keep te rest of the house more neutral.
This is a great idea especially for a work space/home office. And you can change the images around, replace them with new ones when you get tired of them.
And if you're a little braver you can always paint the walls. This is a more permanent change, but combined with the right accessories it can ad so much character to a room.
Images via unknown, desire to inspire, Daniel Hertzell, unknown and HighGlossMagazine.