Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Gloss magazine's premier issue is out now!!!

Hi everyone, I'm back and I have fab news! The world has another fantastic online magazine as of today: High Gloss Magazine! Founder and editor in chief is Paloma Contreras who we all know of the blog La Dolce Vita. With this magazine Paloma wanted to take what she loves so much from the blogsphere and take it a step further to create inspired, high-quality features and put them into a tangible product. And aren't we glad she did! High Gloss Magazine is a great source for design, decor and fashion inspiration. The content of this magazine is fresh and unique and not seen in the blogsphere before. I love the homes featured in this mag!!!! Drop whatever you're doing and check out High Gloss Magazine here, or go to the website: www.highglossmagazine.com.

All images via HighGloss magazine.


  1. Wonderful news!!I'm heading there right away. Have a lovely day N!