Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock 'n Roll home

When I look at this place it says Rock 'n Roll to me. Cool, dark, edgy. Love the large Marilyn Monroe (I think it's her) framed image in the lving room. White bedroom, but styled just the right way to keep it Rock 'n Roll. Love the chrome ball lamps in the kitchen and bedroom. Makes you wonder who lives there...

Images by Sean Myers.


  1. It does look cool for sure, and I also like the painting of Marilyn Monroe!
    Today I'm very fond of my own home as well since my new door sign from Ramsign (http://www.ramsign.com) arrived today. It was just as beautiful as I've been hoping for :)

  2. Loving this edgy but chic apartment! Great find!

  3. Very nice pictures, I love your blog:)
    Have a nice weekend!



  4. Hi all, thanks for the comments! :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Natascha xoxo

  5. I totally agreed with you, nothing can compare with your own touch, but is always good to take some ideas, in this way you can determinate the best way to decorate and make your place look more like you.

  6. It's really a Rock'n Roll home! I really love white color for home decor but here I wanna add that it's great combination with white and black color. I got recently white furniture but after getting this black can be great choice as well. Thanks for sharing this lovely Rock'n Roll home.