Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiring midcentury floor tiles!

Remember when we were little, homes used to have those colourful midcentury patterned floor tiles? I used to hate those tiles back then, thinking they were quite hidious. I remember that in my bedroom I used to have a brown with white patterned tiles and orange walls! Yikes! But that was in the seventies and early eighties. Later on my parents remodeled the house and put elegant white tiles with a fine grey marble pattern throughout the entire house. And my room was painted a soft girly pink with lilac accents, thank God. I recently came across some pictures where I noticed those midcentury patterned floor tiles again and I do have to say I now kinda like it, a lot. It gives a space so much character. Maybe it's because it makes me feel nostalgic, but I think these floor tiles need to have a come back, what do you think?

Source images FrencByDesign (first and last), others unknown.


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  2. Hm, it might be more than nostalgia. Those floor tiles look good. They do grow on you after a while, and they have a very charming pattern.

    -Kathy Carbone

  3. Thank you both for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments :-)
    Natascha xoxo

  4. A little house but so lovely and I like so much the design