Friday, May 20, 2011

Room crush ♥

I found this image in my computer file and had to share it with you all. Isn´t this a simple and fresh room? I´m usually not so big on white walls and floors, but in this case I actually really like it. It´s so light and clean. But my favorite part of the entire room is definitely the shelving. I love how it doesn´t go all the way up to the ceiling, but is kept low. This way the top shelf can be used like a dresser top, displaying your favorite things. The shelving takes the attention away from the big t.v. and gives the room a perfect focal point. Love it! Have a fab weekend dears!

Source image Stadshem.


  1. love it, clean style and comfy!

  2. Looks so so beautiful, looks indeed so clean and perfect.