Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dutch Design: Thread art on your wall by Mo Man Tai

I recently received an email from Ulrike Jurklies - the designer behind Dutch Design label Mo Man Tai - telling me about her latest work. And I was instantly excited! I love her work and have blogged about Mo Man Tai here, here and here. Her latest project is called Masterpieces and it's a pattern sheet that helps your create unique art on your wall with just a few nails and thread. The patternsheet has four designs and all you need is a hammer, nails and thread. You just attach the sheet on the wall, hammer the nails into the wall on the numbered dots on the sheets, string a tread or yarn from nail to nail in order of the numbers on the sheet, remove the sheet when you're done and voilá. You can choose any colour of thread or yarn to suit your interior. Isn't it brilliant?

The patternsheets are for sale at the Mo Man Tai webshop here. The patterns are inspired by famous Dutch paintings like The girl with the pearl earing by Vermeer and Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

Mo Man Tai also has other great designs. A few months ago I bought the keychain Faith, Hope & Love featured below. We all know the symbols in the form of a necklace pendant, often given as a gift. Mo Man Tai has taken these three symbols and created a unique new design. I love it! I love looking at it on my keychain and the idea that I have it with me all the time. You could also wear it as a pendant on a necklace (see last image). It's for sale in the shop here.

Image keychain on desk by me. All other images via Mo Man Tai.

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  1. that is a very peculiar art, but I always like to see original art like this because that is what art is all about, I wish I could have one of those dutch design thread art on my room wall!