Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obessing over this Ikat lamp shade!

Blogs will ruin my life, I swear! Remember in this post I told you I was thinking of creating a little work space in my guest room? Well I did find a second hand little writing desk and an office chair for cheap on the online secondhand marketplace Marktplaats over the weekend. And I had decided that I was going to do one black wall and the rest of the walls grey and all the accesories in grey and black and chrome. I even made an inspiration board. I was going to get rid of all the blue I have in the room at this moment. And then, today, I visited DesireTo Inspire and saw THIS ikat lamp shade!!!

All the plans I made and decorating ideas I had went flying out the window! I now want this lamp shade, and I want it BAD! And it doesn't go with the inspiration board I made. Just when I thought I had figured out what I wanted, I find something that makes me want something completely different. It is so frustrating to visit blogs because it makes me change my mind about my interior decorating all the time. Do you ever experience this? The rest of the house from the picture is just as stunning. Check out all the images and the rest of the post here. Or check out the latest issue of Adore magazine where this fantastic home is featured. p.s. Who can tell me where I can find this lamp shade? I will be eternally gratefull to you :-)

Image via Desire to Inspire.


  1. Lol. Maybe it helps if you have so many rooms to decorate at home. I also don't know where to find that lamp shade but it looks beautiful. I can understand you now :D

  2. Hahaha good idea Mae. In my next home I'll have to make sure to have more rooms to decorate.
    Thanks for visiting!
    Natascha xoxo

  3. hehee, I feel you N! I think you should probably make some changes to you borad, just to make this baby fit in :) I did, ofcourse, little googling but couldn't find this lovley... But, I'm lusting over these now

    ofcourse, I wasnt' lusting over lamp shades until this very moment, but HEY - nice to have a new addiction! Just on place 189899 on my 'lusting over' list. It's bad since we will be moving soon (well, 6 months) and our new home is just a w.h.i.t.e canvas and all for me to start obsess about :)

    But the way, sorry for being away from blogging for such a looong tiime, I think I needed to have a breather but I'm fine, just came back from 4 weeks holiday in USA, and have crazy much inspiration and energy again, so I'm planning on coming back to Bloggville again. Let's talk soon N!

  4. Hey Tiina,

    Good to hear from you! I had noticed you disappearded from the blogsphere but glad to know you'll be coming back ;)
    I had googled the lamp too but didn't find that Etsy shop! Thankst for the tip, the lamps are fab! Your USA vacation must have been amazing! I was there in 2009 for two weeks and loved it, especially San Francisco was amazing.
    So, welcome back to the blogsphere, it's good to have you back!
    Greetings xoxo

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