Sunday, July 3, 2011

And here it is, my painting...

I've spent my sunday afternoon painting. And I promised to share it with you if it wasn't too bad. And so, here it is, the fruit of my labor, my very own self made painting. It's no masterpiece and it didn't take much time to make, but it's not too bad. I'm content with it. So, what do you think? Honest opinion please (and you don't have to like it, that's o.k.).

Here the painting was just finished and not dry yet. (Sorry for the image quality, photo's were taken with my phone). 

The materials. I used acrylic paint on painting paper. The white base colour I used is just regular latex wall paint (I know, fancy huh :-P ).
And here it is signed and framed and hanging on my livingroom wall. I've noticed that when the paint dries the colours change, the colours become paler. That was a bit disappointing. But oh well, I'm o.k. with how it turned out. A happy sunday to you all.

All images by me. 


  1. Natascha, you did a fab job. I especially like the blend of colors. Looking forward to your next piece.

  2. Aawww thanks Adrienne! That is so nice. p.s. I love your new blog and as you might have notices, addeded Eclectic A to my blogroll ;-)
    Have a great week.