Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dutch design label DE JUUL

Today I'm presenting you a young Dutch design label called DE JUUL. The woman behind the label is Juliëtte van der Hulst and she says her furniture is authentic, elegant and timeless with a touch of vintage. Her designs have a bit of a Scandinavian look to them too. Freshly graduated from design school Van der Hulst decided to take the prototype of the chair she made for her graduation project and start her own label right away. If you have a good thing in your hands then why wait, right? www.dejuul.nl*.

 A simple but strong design with clean lines made with quality materials. That is the strength of the designs of DE JUUL. For information about points of sale or to order an item directly visit the website* (shipping in the Netherlands only).

Since the launch of the label the collection has been expanded with a lounge version of the chair, a side table and a collection of cupboards, dressers and CD/DVD cabinets. Pretty cool, huh?

*website is in Dutch only.

All images via DE JUUL.

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  1. Cool, i like decoration stuff for homes, specially the modern one, it makes places look moderns and serious, usually houses looks like offices.