Monday, July 18, 2011

Fab find! Old mixed folk tiles wallpaper by Louise Body

I am so excited about this next find I almost fainted when I found it! I love the look of old mixed folk tiles like the ones you see in old Portugese or Spanish homes. I love the nostaligic look they have and they bring colour and warmth to a home. And it reminds me of Spain where many years ago I lived for a few months as an exchange student and fell in love with the country. So, imagine my excitement when I found these wallpapers over at Louise Body.
I remember many years ago there was a home make-over show here in the Netherlands where one family had their home redecorated in a morrocan style. One of the main features in the home was a wall in the livingroom(!) completely coverd in these type of tiles. And I thought it looked spectacular!!! I never forgot it. So, ever since I've been in love with these tiles. Now, covering an entire wall with tiles is a bit drastic and a hasle when you want to change things. So, how fab is it that you can create the look with these wallpapers?

Louise Body is a designer of wallpapers and fabrics based in the UK. The designs all have a little nostalgia to them and have a bit of a romantic look. Visit the online shop to have a look at the rest of the collection or to order.

I would love one day to have a very modern kitchen with these tiles as a backsplash. You could also cover the backsplash with wallpaper and then putting a protective layer over it. My favorite ones are the one all the way up in the first image, called Mixed folk, and the one with the yellow tiles called Dhalia.
All images via Louise Body.


  1. love the blue wallpaper on the fist picture. just beautiful. thanks for sharing

  2. I know this post is from 2011 but I wanted to do a wall of Spanish tiles but the cost of shipping to Canada is prohibitive. These wallpapers are awesome, will definitely check them out.