Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another fab find! The Flux Chair...

The Flux what? The Flux Chair! It is a genius folding chair that is easy to put together or to fold and mount to a wall to save space. Another piece of great Dutch design. You can easily bring it with you to the beach or the parc as it weighs next to nothing. The Flux chair not only saves you lots of space and is super practical, it also has the look of a modern designer chair. And it comes in eight contemporary colours. You can pull it out when you have extra guests for dinner at home. And they're handy to have around the office as well. You can quickly fold a few extra chairs when you need more seatings at a meeting. It is called Flux because it combines flexibility with luxury. Don't you just love this chair? They come with cushions for even more comfort. For more information visit the website And you know what? They're pretty affordable as well. Want one? Visit the webshop here.

All images via Flux Chair website. 


  1. I bought ONE of these a few weeks ago because I was a little skeptical at first. Loved it and now bought a companion for it for our deck. It is really windy on our deck so we need chairs that we can pull into the house and I just love that these fold up flat. We just store them under the desk and pull them out and pop them up when we want to enjoy the view from the deck. Like I mentioned before: They are surprisingly comfortable, incredibly sturdy, and totally cool looking.