Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog alert! Garderobe33

I'm stopping by real quick to share with you a wonderful blog I found out there in blogsphere: Garderobe33! I love to find a new blog that fills me with excitement and inspiration! Garderobe33 is written by Bea and talks about fashion, design, interior, art and lifestyle inspiration. And although this blog is written entirely in Polish and I don't understand a word it says, it is still such a joy to roam through each beautiful post. The images collected and shared by Bea are so inspiring, I've just spent hours going through each post. Hop on over to www.garderobe33.blogspot.com and start clicking. Warning: you'll be hooked for the next few hours!

All images via Garderobe33.


  1. Good Morning Natascha
    oh, what a sweet surprise, such nice praise:)
    Thank you for the support. You have made my day!

    Best regards,

  2. You are welcome ;) I love your blog!!!
    Best wishes,
    Natascha xoxo