Sunday, February 27, 2011

Colour your home pretty for Spring

Winter is slowly drifting past and at this time many of us start feeling the urge to beautify the home to welcome springtime. Painting a wall or two a new colour is the perfect way to give your home a fresh new look. I've had a look at the 2011 paint collections of the brands Flexa and Histor and selected my favorites, the colours I personally believe are the freshest and trendiest. My picks: spicy yellows, sturdy greens and fresh pastels.

I love the curry-ish yellow in the top image and think it would make a perfect accent colour. I've noticed a lot of different shades of yellow popping up in interiors everywhere lately and for me it is the trendiest colour right now. Army-like green is always a very cool colour, don't you agree? Not only in a boy's room. And Histor also has some new pastel colours that are just fresh and would look good in any home. The soft lilac, especially combined with the light blue is fab.

My favorite pastel pick by Flexa is the powdery pink called Luchtbel, which means air bubble in Dutch. And in the yellow spectrum I'm really loving this mustard colour. Doesn't it just spice up that room? And talking about spicing up a room, I love the greens below! The darker shade is called Royal jade and the lighter shade is called Tender jade, both from the Pure collection.

All images via Histor and Flexa.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock 'n Roll home

When I look at this place it says Rock 'n Roll to me. Cool, dark, edgy. Love the large Marilyn Monroe (I think it's her) framed image in the lving room. White bedroom, but styled just the right way to keep it Rock 'n Roll. Love the chrome ball lamps in the kitchen and bedroom. Makes you wonder who lives there...

Images by Sean Myers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Happy Valentine's Day ♥ to all my readers and fellow bloggers, family and friends! Hope you are having a beautiful day!

Natascha xoxo

Images by Radostina Bosseva from 79Ideas.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colour inspiration: little pops of colour

When you're going to do colour in your home it is difficult to decide how to do it, tastefully. Do you just choose one colour or more? How do you apply the colour(s) you choose? Do you paint the walls or do you just do colourful accessories? I myself am a earth tone, mocca and natural colours kinda girl. But when colours are done right, I really love it. Here are a few images colourful interiors beautifully done.
Above you see that a room that has grey as a basic colour just comes alive with some touches of colours. By choosing colours in the same colour range (orange, reds, pinks, lilacs) it gives it a chic and warm look. What's easy about this is that you can easily change the cushions into some purple and blue toned cushions and the room will have an entirely different look, more cool.
You can also keep the basic all white and add little pops of colours with for example colourful furniture, like the chaires in the left image above. Or choose colourful artwork and some cushions (cushions are the BEST home accessories ever!)
Choosing one area of your house to display your collection of colourful vases can also do the trick. That way you keep te rest of the house more neutral.
This is a great idea especially for a work space/home office. And you can change the images around, replace them with new ones when you get tired of them.
And if you're a little braver you can always paint the walls. This is a more permanent change, but combined with the right accessories it can ad so much character to a room.
Images via unknown, desire to inspire, Daniel Hertzell, unknown and HighGlossMagazine.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Announcement: Meet the blogger event Amsterdam june 2011

All bloggers and blog lovers out there: if you are in the Netherlands or visiting the country on june 25th of this year, mark your calenders! On this day the first Meet the blogger event will be held in Amsterdam! This event is created by Lise, founder and author of the Dutch blog Urban Style Vibes*. You'll be able to meet fellow bloggers, meet te readers and learn and share about your passion. The program will be announced around the end of March and the official website will be launched soon. Meanwhile, go to the Facebook page to keep yourself informed on the latest news or click on the logo below for more information about the event.

Church in the Netherlands becomes beautiful townhouse - amen!

It must be a unique experience to live in a church! Yes, that's right! Here in the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht to be precise, lies the St. Jacobus church. This beautiful gothic church, that is a municipal monument, was remodeled and under strict and close supervision transformed into a townhouse that is absolutely stunning. By keeping the furniture and decorating to a minimum the features of this building are even more accentuated. The high ceilings, the stained glass windows, the many floors/layers, the tremendous amount of light that comes in, the shape of the building all make it special. I love the paintings too. But the building itself is the best feature, don't you agree? This home is for sale! So, if you can afford the asking price, it's all yours. And pleeeease invite me over for coffee! I'll bring muffins! Cholocate ones :-) For more info, photographs and floorplans click here.

Images via here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet sweet sweet little gift ♥ from 79 Ideas

Oh boy, do I have a sweet little treat for you! One of my favorite blogs 79 Ideas has a little online inspirational mag out especially for Valentines Day! The blog is run by the super talented and creative Radostina (who also created the logo and header for Mocca & Me!). She wanted to create something special for her friends and blog readers as a Valentine's gift. This sweet mag is filled with beautiful photographs and super romantic ideas, recipes etc. on how to make your Valentine's day more special. And I had to share her gift with you too! I don't want to give away too much... but below is a little peek! For the full mag click here. Enjoy my dears!

All images by Radostina.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mocca & Me weekend quick list

Hello my dear readers! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends. Here's the Mocca & Me weekend quick list of links that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

Have a sweet weekend!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy

I love the simplicity of this room. No extreme colours, or expensive design items or lots of decor stuff. Just a neutral and calm room. Eyecatcher is definitely the wall of art. I love that it's mixy-matchy and not too styled. Nice!

Home tour
Check out this fun and retro inspired home of Dutch graphic designer and artist Jessica Nielsen showcased over at Bloesem.

DIY tip
I found a great and super easy DIY headboard over at Achados de decoracao. The blog is in portugese, but the pictures are self explainatory. Click here for the how-to make your own headboard.

Make it over
Looking for inspiration for a make over on a budget? Check out this budget makeover at Desire to inspire.

Quick blog tip
For all you Kelly Wearstler fans there is good news! Kelly has a blog where she shares her inspiration and ideas with you. Click here to go to her colourful blog.

Listen to
This week's favorite is the British Adele with Rolling in the deep. Love it!

Image via Emma's designblog.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Room crush ♥

Dears! I came across this gem of a kitchen and had to share it right away with you! Isn't it one of the coolest kitchens you've seen? Love the industrial look of it and the dark wood on the back wall. The small orange bouquets of flowers just finishes it off, making it perfect. I've got a serious case of room crush on this kitchen!

Source image unknown.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obsessing over... Lockers!

I love the industrial look a locker has. It gives a room instant coolness, don't you think? I love the look and I'm thinking I want a locker for the guest room. I started collecting images for inspiration, but they are hard to find. So, if you come across images of interiors with lockers please send them to me. I would very much appreciate it! Meanwhile, here is what I've collected so far.

Images via Flickr and Desire to Inspire.

Ivy & Piper's second issue available now!

I'm declaring this week Week of online decor magazine's! A fourth online decor magazine is out, the sweet Australian Ivy & Piper. I was excited about the first issue coming out and I'm just as excited about this issue. Right now it is summer in Australia and I love that you can feel that throughout the issue. Sunny and bright interiors and summery inspiration. You'll love it! Read the entire issue here or visit the website

All images via Ivy&Piper.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Gloss magazine's premier issue is out now!!!

Hi everyone, I'm back and I have fab news! The world has another fantastic online magazine as of today: High Gloss Magazine! Founder and editor in chief is Paloma Contreras who we all know of the blog La Dolce Vita. With this magazine Paloma wanted to take what she loves so much from the blogsphere and take it a step further to create inspired, high-quality features and put them into a tangible product. And aren't we glad she did! High Gloss Magazine is a great source for design, decor and fashion inspiration. The content of this magazine is fresh and unique and not seen in the blogsphere before. I love the homes featured in this mag!!!! Drop whatever you're doing and check out High Gloss Magazine here, or go to the website:

All images via HighGloss magazine.