Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obessing over this Ikat lamp shade!

Blogs will ruin my life, I swear! Remember in this post I told you I was thinking of creating a little work space in my guest room? Well I did find a second hand little writing desk and an office chair for cheap on the online secondhand marketplace Marktplaats over the weekend. And I had decided that I was going to do one black wall and the rest of the walls grey and all the accesories in grey and black and chrome. I even made an inspiration board. I was going to get rid of all the blue I have in the room at this moment. And then, today, I visited DesireTo Inspire and saw THIS ikat lamp shade!!!

All the plans I made and decorating ideas I had went flying out the window! I now want this lamp shade, and I want it BAD! And it doesn't go with the inspiration board I made. Just when I thought I had figured out what I wanted, I find something that makes me want something completely different. It is so frustrating to visit blogs because it makes me change my mind about my interior decorating all the time. Do you ever experience this? The rest of the house from the picture is just as stunning. Check out all the images and the rest of the post here. Or check out the latest issue of Adore magazine where this fantastic home is featured. p.s. Who can tell me where I can find this lamp shade? I will be eternally gratefull to you :-)

Image via Desire to Inspire.

New products by Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings

Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings recently introduced a few new products to their design collection that I tought was worth sharing with you. All the designs have the distinct Scholten & Baijings colour scheme in bright, fresh and unexpected colour combinations. The duo is best known for their colourful plaids but also has a notable collection of glassware, furniture and lighting. For more information or to see the entire collection visit their website Here are my favorites of the collection.

These felted wool carpets calles Dot carpet have a simple and sharp design in realy bright neon colours. These colours remind me of the eighties where every one wore neon coloured clothes and accesories. Fun!

The duvet covers are from the Colour blocks series and are made out of 100% cotten. I imagine you'd have to wake up with a smile in the morning with these cheerful coloured sheets.

I love these bright kitchen towels above Grandiet and Hanging grid. A great addition to the exsisting collection.

Scholten & Baijings have also added a few new carpet (below) designs to their collection. The carpets are all tufted 100% new-zealand wool.

All images via Scholten & Baijings.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dutch Design: Thread art on your wall by Mo Man Tai

I recently received an email from Ulrike Jurklies - the designer behind Dutch Design label Mo Man Tai - telling me about her latest work. And I was instantly excited! I love her work and have blogged about Mo Man Tai here, here and here. Her latest project is called Masterpieces and it's a pattern sheet that helps your create unique art on your wall with just a few nails and thread. The patternsheet has four designs and all you need is a hammer, nails and thread. You just attach the sheet on the wall, hammer the nails into the wall on the numbered dots on the sheets, string a tread or yarn from nail to nail in order of the numbers on the sheet, remove the sheet when you're done and voilá. You can choose any colour of thread or yarn to suit your interior. Isn't it brilliant?

The patternsheets are for sale at the Mo Man Tai webshop here. The patterns are inspired by famous Dutch paintings like The girl with the pearl earing by Vermeer and Sunflowers by Van Gogh.

Mo Man Tai also has other great designs. A few months ago I bought the keychain Faith, Hope & Love featured below. We all know the symbols in the form of a necklace pendant, often given as a gift. Mo Man Tai has taken these three symbols and created a unique new design. I love it! I love looking at it on my keychain and the idea that I have it with me all the time. You could also wear it as a pendant on a necklace (see last image). It's for sale in the shop here.

Image keychain on desk by me. All other images via Mo Man Tai.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home office inspiration

I've been thinking of creating a work space, a little office area in my home. When I moved to my apartment last october I decided I didn't need one because I have a large dining table and I would do my work there. Since I have been living here I only sat down to work at that dining table a couple of times. The table is just a bit too high to work at comfortably and I usually sit on the sofa, facing the t.v., to work. Not ideal. So, I have decided to create a little work space in the guest room where I can sit comfortably and work. I've gathered some images for inspiration. I love the black wall. But I also love placing the desk in front of a window, although my view doesn't include the Eiffel tower. What does your home office look like?

Images via Google, the Decorista and Emma's design blog.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Online decor magazine: Covet Garden

There are many online decor magazines out there right now and by now I thought I had seen them all. But then a dear friend of mine told me about an online interiors magazine that I hadn't heard of before: Covet Garden! Covet Garden is a wonderful monthly online mag that showcases Real homes that not have been styled by interior decorators. Don't you love that idea? It gives you a peek into the spaces and the lives of the people who live there, what inspires them and talks about their favorite things. Below are a few images of the space featured this month. Click here to read the latest issue. To read all the back issues click here. Or you can just visit the website for more information . Let me know what you think of this mag!

All images via Covet Garden.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Colour inspiration: Blue hues

It's a grey sunday here in the Netherlands! The sun went hiding and the sky looks like it's about to burst into tears any moment. My plans to go the beach went out the window but the good news is that I now have time to bring you a bit of colour inspiration: blue hues. And please notice the fantastic lamps in the last three images!

Images via various blogs.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mocca & Me weekend quick list

How is your weekend going, dears? My weekend is quite tranquil, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather here in the Netherlands. I'm thinking of maybe going to the beach tomorrow. Here is a quick list of my favorite links this week. Hope you like them. Have a wonderful weekend. And if you're going into the sun, don't forget to put on sunblock ;-)

Have fun and be safe!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy

I usually go for interiors that have more of a modern decor. And even though this space is a bit more classic I absolutely love it. It is sophisticated and interesting and so inviting. I love the turquoise lamp, the coffee table is fab and the little black chair gives the room a bit of edge, don't you think? What are your thoughts on this space?

Check outIf you're into photography like me then you love to browse through the work of photographers. Check out Alicia Bock's blog for beautiful homey photography.

Quick blog tipYou will love the blog La Maison d'Anna G. Written by Swedish Anna who now lives in Paris and blogs about Scandinavian design, in French and English. Magnifique.

Dutch DesignerI loved the post CasaSugar wrote about Dutch designer Aldo Bakker, whom I've blogged about (way) before here. Bakker had gotten of my radar but is now right back on it!

ReadThis article published in de NY Times about the rise and appeal of online interior- and decor magazine's like Lonny.

Online mag
The latest issue of Adore magazine is out. The issue launched a few days ago and is filled with great interiors and decor. Some of the interiors we've seen before, but still a great read. Click here to go to the latest issue.

Listen toI heard this song on the radio the other day and it stuck in my head! It's an oldie called Right next door by blues and jazz artist Robert Cray. It's such a relaxed song to listen to on a summer night on your balcony with a glass of wine! Cheers!

Image via delightbydesign.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's visit... Julianne Moore in her NY city home

Ok, I know that a while ago this home has been featured on a few blogs already. Apparently I have been living under a rock and completely missed it 'cause I just saw it for the first time a few days ago and I loved it SO much I decided to share it with you anyways. I'm talking about actress Julianne Moore's NY city home. It is said that she decorated this home herself and I think she has a fantastic sense of style, don't you agree? The living room is my favorite room. Serene, stylish and sophisticated are words that pop into my mind when I look at the space. What are your thoughts?

Images via CasaSugar.