Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Room crush ♥

Don't you just love a room where everything screams style? That is exactly the case with this kitchen. I am in love with this space for many reasons. First of all, how stunning are those three Tom Dixon Copper Shade lamps hanging together? I really like that the owners used a red electrical cord. I like the minimal kitchen and the lack of top cabinets, keeping it open and simple. Although I don't think I would choose that tile for the backsplash, I do like the tiles combined with the copper lamps. And that floating kitchen table that looks like its flows into the cabinets is my favorite feature. Love the white Eames chairs and like the spanish/portugese looking bowls and accesories. Had the owners used stainles steel accesories, like in the kitchen, the whole would have looked a bit cold. Now this kitchen looks modern yet colourful and warm. Love it!
Source unknown.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's visit... Courtney Cox!

We all know actress Courtney Cox, especially from her role as the neurotic Monica in te hugely popular series Friends. In the series Countney's character had an eclectic, colourful, mix-and-match NY apartment, of which I wasn't a big fan (remember that blue kitchen?). In real life Courtney lives in a super stylish home that is light, sophisticated and serene. I love the colour palette of - what I think are - masculine colours and yet the home feels very feminine. Favorite item in this home? The petrol blue velvet chair in the second image! Love it. And I really like all the artwork throughout the home. For the full home tour click here.

All images via Elledecor.