Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog alert x 3! The Dutch edition!

Hello dears! And a good monday to you! I'm kicking off the week with a special blog alert post by sharing not one, not two but three blogs with you. And this time it's the Dutch edition: three gems of blogs all written by Dutch bloggers. So, make a cup of tea, sit back and start clicking through these lovely pages! Have a wonderful week!   

Lisanne van de Klift, a house you build, a home you create. A beautiful blog about mostly Dutch decor and design with lots of personality. Blogger Lisanne van de Klift hasn't been blogging that long, since march this year. So let's show her some love.

Interieur-coosje + is a blog written by Stephany Koster filled with Dutch interiors and design inspiration. And with a personal touch as well, showing you bits and pieces of her life and home:

Met melk & suiker means with milk & sugar in Dutch is a blog about decor and design with a very fresh and clean sense of style and an eye for cool items:


  1. Very nice information about interior decoration!

  2. Thank you so much for having 'me' on your blog!
    What great fun! :-) I feel honored!

    Love Lisanne

  3. Wat onwijs aardig en cool om op jouw blog te worden vermeld.
    Zeer vereerd! Thnx!!!
    Ik ga me meteen aanmelden als lid (heb jij dat al bij mij gedaan? zou leuk zijn) + + +

  4. Ha Lisanne en Stephanie, leuk dat jullie zo enthousiast zijn. Ik volg nu jullie blogs ook en had jullie blogs al toegevoegd aan mijn blogroll ;)
    Natascha xoxo