Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pimp the place 'where the magic happens' with black and white bedspreads

We all know the tv show MTV cribs, right? I always chuckle when people call the bedroom 'the place where the magic happens', ha! But when there isn't any 'magic happeing', the bedroom is essentially a place to sleep and where you have your eyes closed most of the time. That doesn't mean though that your bedroom can't look good! These images show that you don't need much to add style and charater to the bedroom. A simple and beautiful bedspread can do the trick. And when it gets cold you can use it for extra warmth. So, add some real magic to the place 'where the magic happens' with beautiful bedspreads like the ones here.

All images via Pintrest.


  1. I love the second picture!!! Great coverlet! Love the print :-)

    Love Lisanne

  2. I'm seriously have a B+W crush this year. Each throw is stunning. Now which to choose...t