Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House tour! Photographer Jakob Nylunds home

I'm a visual person and I love to observe. There is so much you can learn by just quietly observing the world around you. As a kid I used to do that a lot. It's how I learned to understand people, assess situations, how I learned to read between the lines and to hear the what's not being said. Still today I can spend a great deal of time sitting by myself at the beach or on a park bench just looking at life around me, imagining stories behind the faces of people passing by. Being a visual person is why I love photography and looking at images (and not just the pretty ones). I've been a fan of photographer Jakob Nylund for a while now, so imagine my excitement when I found out he has a blog where he shares photo's of bits and pieces of his life. My decor loving heart filled with even more joy when I saw he posted  images of his home! So beautiful. And since Mocca & Me is a decor blog, I need to share his home with all of you. Isn't his place great? I do encourage you to visit his blog for more of his work, it's fantastic. Enjoy dears!

All images by Jakob Nylund.


  1. Prachtig! Er is veel te zien op deze foto's. Dit is echt een lust voor het oog! Geweldig interieur. Thanx voor de blogtip!

    Liefs Lisanne

  2. Ja prachtig he? Zou er zo zelf kunnen wonen. Graag gedaan ;)