Friday, August 17, 2012

Mocca & Me weekend quick list - week 33/2012

It's that time of the week again: friday! Which means sharing some of my favorite links of the week with you. Any plans? I'm popping by my cousin's birthday on saturday and later I'm off to Amsterdam for dinner and drinks with an acquaintance. Since it's fantastic weather here I'm probably going to the beach on sunday and I'm cooking someone a nice dinner later that day. What are you all doing? I'd love to hear.

Have a great one, dears!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy
I like to collect pretty images which I then share here with you. I recently discoverd Pintrest and I never thought I'd spend so much time pinning images on an online pinboard. Addictive! I love the pinboard in this image. A collection of pictures of your favorite things and loved ones to look at all the time - always beats an online pinboard, right?. Are you on Pintrest? Are you just as addicted? Please let me know I'm not alone in this :)

Let's visit
... the house of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon and his Dutch photographer wife Nienke Klunder for a tour of their Valencia home.

Do you know
...what your passion is? Did you know and then lost track of it? Need a little help finding it? Here is a great and fun exercise to help you determine what your passions are. I also did this exercise and I found it very inspiring!

Blog/food tip
All of us decor bloggers know MadeByGirl, right? Jen always posts about the food her husband makes for her. Husband Matt has now created his own blog where he shares the recipes of all the lovely food he makes for his wife. The blog is called MadeForJen: isn't that the sweetest thing? Hop on over for great recipes.

Bonus home tour
Saw this beautiful Melbourne home over at 79Ideas! Stunning home with Arab style influences.

Reading tip
Check out the interview with the talented Erika of Small Shop Studio over on Mimi + Meg blog. Plus: the latest issues of Lonny, Rue and Matchbook magazines are out now!

Sound bites
I'm sending you off into the weekend with a funky tune: It ain't all good by De La Soul with Chaka Khan. I recently went to a concert of De La Soul in Amsterdam. This is one of my favorite songs of them. 'Cause really, when things 'ain't going like the way they should', it usually really is 'all on you' ;-) Enjoy!

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Image via Pintrest.


  1. I've been known to get lost for hours on Pinterest - you're right it is so addicting. I was also intrigued by your link to MadeForJen - I found lots of recipes that I'm going to try - thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for the comment Cyndi, now I know I'm not alone in my Pintrest obsession ;) And glad you like the link I shared. Natascha xoxo