Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stylish minimalistic interior in sober gray's

I'm popping by quickly to share with you this next home I found. Sober, minimalistic and gray is how I would describe this place. Doesn't mean it isn't stylish, though. I love the dining area with de Eames DSW chairs and that couch looks super comfortable. The lamps in this place are great. I especially like the little white bedroom lamp. The house could use some plants and flowers, don't you agree? I truly believe every home should have some green. Nonetheless, lovely space. Enjoy the home tour!

Images via Pintrest.


  1. Lovely home! I like the lamp over the table, do you know it's name or brand? Thanks. Michela

  2. Hi Michela, no unfortunately I don't know the name of the lamp :-/ If I find out I'll post it here on the blog. Thanks for stopping by :-)
    Natascha xoxo