Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fab find (The Hague) - Lola bikes & coffee

Yesterday I met up with a friend and we ended up in one of the coolest coffee places in The Hague: Lola's bikes & coffee! Think the name says it all? No! Because at Lola you don't get just ordinary bikes and coffee! Everything in this shop tells a story of passion:

Lola is not a traditional bike shop. The bikes you find here are not mass made but are specialties; exclusive, innovative, made with vision and love and all tell a story of passion. Lola deals with a selected group of specialty bike makers and producers and every bike in the shop is produced with love and is a piece of art - and is displayed as such.

Besides bikes you can also buy biking accessories and bike parts but also books, t-shirts, magazine's and maps. And you can also have your bike repaired in the repair shop downstairs. You can find information on bike tours and other biking events as well. 

And then - my favorite part - there is the coffee at Lola. And again, not just ordinary coffee! At Lola they aspire to serve you the best and most delicious coffee! And they go to great lengths to achieve that. Quality coffee beans, roasted by one of the best in the country, made by a true barista using special coffee setting methods. Coffee made with passion and served with love. And you taste it with every sip you take!

And as a decor and design lover Lola does it for me too! Fabulous decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Cool yet unpretentious. Love the rough brick wall, industrial lamps and vintage looking furniture. But what I'm most excited about is that you can feel the owners' passion throughout this shop, in every detail. Their passion for bikes and coffee, passion for quality and specialty products, passion for bringing their clients the best they can find. 
So, if you're ever in The Hague you must visit this fabulous place! Chances are you'll find me there since it's my new favorite coffee place. Lola bikes & coffee is located at Noordeinde 91, The Hague. 

Photo credits: Arthur Wieffering.


  1. Nice store as I can see & read. Maybe an idea to start such a concept also in Belgium! :o)

  2. Ha Tom, zeker een coole store! Mooie site/blog heb je! Ik zou zeggen, neem contact op met de eigenaren van Lola (contactgegevens staan op hun site) en wie weet kan er iets moois ontstaan ;)
    Natascha xoxo