Thursday, May 31, 2012

Broadcast intermission: where did the sun go?

We've had a few fabulously sunny days here in the Netherlands. But today, the weather did a complete 160 degree turn and flipped into a grey, cloudy and rainy mess! So, I'm interrupting the usual broadcast here at Mocca & Me to put out a warrant for the sun: where are you? Please come back soon. Life is so much better when you're around...

Images via Pintrest.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsessing over DAR Eames chairs

Those of you who know me, know that I have a tic for design chairs. I especially have a thing for the chairs by designer Eames. I could fill my home with all of them if I had the funds or space. Because of my love for cool chairs I have a leather replica butterfly chair and dining chairs that I want to believe look somewhat like the Jacobsen ant chair (but realy are a far cry from it). And now I'm obsessing over the DAR chair by Eames - with maple base, like below. I'm looking online to see if I can score a replica for a knock off price. 'Cause I realy realy want one. What is your favorite designer chair?

All images via Pintrest.

Home crush - cool and modern

I have a little crush on this spanish getaway. The home is cool and modern and feels so light. I love all that light pouring in the home. And I realy love the grey brick wall surrounding the fireplace. The chair in middle of he first image is to die for. The dining room chairs are fabulous too - Venus by Konstantin Grcic for ClasiCon. The house is huge, way to big for my taste, but I do dig the pool. With all this sunny weather we're are having, a pool would be so nice. Lucky for me I don't live far away from the beach and get to spend lots of time there. Enjoy the home tour dears.

All images via Nuevo Estilo.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mocca & Me weekend quick list - week 21/2012

Hello dears! I'm so glad the weekend is here. And it's going to be another long weekend too since we have monday off here in the Netherlands. What are your plans for the weekend? It has been fantastic weather here these past days and this weekend is looking good too. So, I'm definitely going to the beach and probably salsa dancing. But not before I leave you with a quick list of fab links. Have a happy weekend all!

Have fun and stay safe!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy
I love books and I can really appreciate a big bookcase filled with books. Especially when it looks like this. I always find that homes without books feel a bit empty. I myself have a bookcase full of books, but I lack enough time to read them all though. I like how the books are stacked in small piles like that. But I'm guessing the white phone in the right corner on the lowest shelf doesn't get used much.

Quick recipe
It's no fun being a coffee junkie with this sunny weather, too hot for hot coffee. Lucky for me I found this recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee, perfect! This way I can still get my daily caffeine fix without immediately breaking into sweat. And check out the rest of this food blog Kiss my spatula (what a funny title) as well; great recipes, and if you don't like cooking that much you can still drool over the pictures. A feast for the eyes.

Blog tip
Check out photography blog From me to you for beautiful lifestyle, interior and fashion photographs.

Home tour
Do a little home tour of this fab New York apartment.

Fashion DIY tip
We all have that one favorite shirt or sweater that we've worn over and over again, that we can't be seen with in public any more but can't get rid of. Pimp that favorite top with some cute elbow patches.

Listen to
Emeli Sandé's song Heaven, the acoustic version. I recently discoverd her and I love her music. In the previous weekend quick list I also linked to one of her songs. Beautiful!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fab finds: white porcelain pretties

I have some fab finds to share with you today: white procelain pretties I found on Etsy. The first vase is from Etsyshop EcoElements and is called Florapalooza: pretty and sweet. The light bulb candle holders are briliantly simple, also by EcoElements. The vase in the third image is called Love birds and is by RedHotPottery. Cute right? The last image is the porcelain mason jar vase - again by EcoElements - has a nostalgic feel and would look perfect in a kitchen. Aren't they beautiful?

All images all via Etsy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Style inspiration: chique and feminine

If I were to redecorate my home today this is what it would look like! Chique and feminine, with touches of pink here and there. 'Cause what girl doesn't like pink? And you need to have lots of flowers. Every week I buy fresh flowers for my home. I feel it makes my home smile. Have a great week, all!

Images via Pintrest (1&2) and unknown (3).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pimp your wall! Decorate with wall stickers

Are your walls looking blah? Pimp your walls with decorative wall stickers. They're easy to apply for an interesting touch and when you get tired of them they're easy to remove. I found some very cool and fun wall decoration over at the the webshop Blik. I especially love the designs for kids. Below are my favorites. To shop the designs below or to see the entire collection, visit the webstore:

All images via Blik.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let the sunshine in! Add a touch of yellow in your home

Want to add some warmth to your home? Why not add some yellow accents here and there? It's like  having little rays of sunshine in the room.

Images via Pintrest (1,3&4) and Barbara Groen (2). 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Favorite inspirational quote? Hang it on your wall!

Happiness is not a destination. It's a way of life. I love a good quote that inspires me, that reminds me of what's important in life. So, imagine my joy when I found one of my favorite quotes, printed on a tablet, in a vintage look, at a Dutch online store. 
I found the tablet over at La vie bohème webshop, owned by the friendly and helpful Irina. I'm not sure if the quote tablet is still available, but the webshop is definitely worth a visit. At La vie bohème you'll also find lovely Kelim cushions and rugs, vintage sari quilts and other unique furniture pieces and accessories in mediteranian, Turkish and indian style.
And above is my piece, hanging on my living room wall (excuse the image quality. Photo was taken with my phone). I love to walk into the room and to read these words! So, do you have a favorite quote or saying displayed in your home? I'm curious to know.

Images via 1. Pintrest and 2. personal photo.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog alert x 3! The Dutch edition!

Hello dears! And a good monday to you! I'm kicking off the week with a special blog alert post by sharing not one, not two but three blogs with you. And this time it's the Dutch edition: three gems of blogs all written by Dutch bloggers. So, make a cup of tea, sit back and start clicking through these lovely pages! Have a wonderful week!   

Lisanne van de Klift, a house you build, a home you create. A beautiful blog about mostly Dutch decor and design with lots of personality. Blogger Lisanne van de Klift hasn't been blogging that long, since march this year. So let's show her some love.

Interieur-coosje + is a blog written by Stephany Koster filled with Dutch interiors and design inspiration. And with a personal touch as well, showing you bits and pieces of her life and home:

Met melk & suiker means with milk & sugar in Dutch is a blog about decor and design with a very fresh and clean sense of style and an eye for cool items:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mocca & Me weekend quick list - week 19/2012

Hello dears! Aren't you glad weekend's here? Time to sit back, kick off your shoes, relax and have fun. Not before I share with you my quick list of fun links to check out! A wonderful weekend to you all!

Have fun and stay safe!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy
After all the cool blue and gray, rather masuline colours in the past post I decided I want some warm and femine hues. And this living room is just perfect. Femine without the frills, warm without being too girly. Love the pink and red accents combined with the darker base colours. This is femine with an attitude.

Blog alert!
If you 're like me you love to discover new blogs. One fine day is a sweet and inspiring blog about decor, fashion, photography and paper goods. Hop on over.

Blogger event The Hive
In or near Berlin on 19th and 20th of May? Visit The Hive blogger event where you'll meet some of the most talented and inspiring European bloggers out there. Get your tickets!

Table setting inspiration
Having a dinner party? And you don't want your table setting looking blah and boring? Colourful bohemian dinner party decoration is the way to go!

Food tip
Is ice cream considerd food? Let's pretend it is :-) Because I have a great recipe for you: crumbled cookie ice cream with espresso caramel. Now, doesn't that sound like something you'd like to make every day?

Vacation in Amsterdam
Joana of A cup of Jo and her husband visited our capital Amsterdam recently. Read all about it on her blog.

Mother's day
Sunday we're celebrating mother's day here in the Netherlands. Read the 60 lessons Dani of Positively Present learned from her mother and get inspired.

Music to your ears
I am in love with the fantastic song Next to me by Emeli Sande. And I am now forever a fan of Emeli.

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Image via French by Design.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colour inspiration: minty blue

The hottest colour right now: minty blue! I've been seeing it in fashion a lot lately and I recently bought a minty blue t-shirt, which is now my favorite. I am in love with the bright, clean and fresh colour and minty blue is finding it's way into our decors as well. Here is some eye candy to get you inspired. What do you think: hot or not?

Images mostly via Pintrest.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY tip! Quick, easy and inexpensive idea for small spaces

I came across this bedroom and I had to share. It's a very small room. But, with a really simple paint trick it looks bigger and so much cooler. Divide the room in two and just paint the upper half of the room - including the ceiling - in a darker colour than the lower half. Have the curtains made to match the walls. Add crispy white bedding, a few framed pictures and cool light fixtures to the wall, and you're done. You don't need much more. Love it!
Source image unknown.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Late to the party, but a party nonetheless: Therese Sennerholt latest prints

I'm very excited about the newest Therese Sennerholt prints I just discoverd. Her latest work has been out for some time now, I know people. I'm kinda late to the party. But, it's a party nonetheless! Therese's prints are fab as always: simple design with sweet and possitive little messages. Below my favorites. To shop these and other prints visit her shop:

Images via Therese Sennerholt.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Funky Scandinavian home in cool gray and blue hues

Hello dears! It's been a while, a long while. Lack of time and inspiration have kept me away from the blogsphere. But, I'm back. Ready to share with you inspiring design and decor fabulousness here on Mocca & Me. And I'll start with this funky Scandinavion home in cool gray and blue hues. Have a wonderful weekend!

Images via Skona Hem.