Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's play interior stylist - decorating in black and neutrals

I've this thing where I pretend to be an interior decorator and I pull together random pictures of rooms I love and pretend to create a fab home. Who else does this? Please tell me I'm not alone :-) This week I've selected a few spaces in black and neutrals colors. I love the black paint on the wall in the living room and the black floors in the rest of the photographs. What do you think?

Images via Blood and champagne and Pintrest. 


  1. zo mooi! blijft mijn favoriet hoor deze mooie neutrale kleuren :-) Fijne vrijdag!

  2. Ja, he? Vind ik ook. Jij ook alvast een fijne vrijdag.
    Natascha xoxo