Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedroom inspiration board - bringing sexy back

Hello dears! Remember in my previous post I told you about my plans of painting the focal wall of my boring all white bedroom wall black? Well, I have been thinking and deciding how to go about it. Because I don't want just a black and white room, that feels like it would be a it too cold. I do want the room to feel warm and stylish and feminine. I'm bringing sexy back into the room! I've been roaming the internet for ideas and I've come across some gorgeous things! I've done some shopping and I'm so excited about getting this room done now. I've created an inspiration board and I wanted to share with you the look I'm going for: 

I've bought the print of the Chanel No.5 painting by Anne Harwell *yay* and this became the inspiration for the rest of the look for the bedroom. Like I said, the focal will be painted black. The other walls I'm painting a very light sand color. I was looking for a tie dye cushion in black and white and then came across this fabulous aztec tie dye pillow, fell in love and bought it right away. I love the colors and they work well with the Chanel No.5 print I bought. I didn't want things to get too girly, so I decided to go for a cool industrial look for the bedside lamps and bought two bronze wall lamps that I'll be placing above the bed. I'm thrilled about this find because design lamps in this look cost at least three times more! In Stockholm I bought two 'floating' book holders that will make your stack of books look like they're floating. Cool, huh? I'm still browsing on Marktplaats (which is the Dutch version of Craigslist) for a wooden colonial looking chest to use as a night stand, like the image above. No luck so far. But the search goes on. And I'm thinking of buying a bamboo lamp for the ceiling, but I'm not sure yet. So, what do you think so far? I'd love to hear.

Source first image: unknown. Source second image: See text links for the source of the rest of the images.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Color inspiration - from blah to black!

Moving into a new apartment and getting the place organized and decorated takes so much time. I'm still not done unpacking. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have enough closet space and I desperately need to buy more closets to put in the guest room for the rest of my stuff. For my bedroom I've bought a wonderful big white PAX closet from Ikea, which took my dad days to put together! He is so patient. *bless him* Now that big white closet is sitting in my white bedroom with white walls and the room is looking rather blah! So, I need to add some color and character to the space. And I've decided to paint the room black! Well, at least one wall. I'm going from blah to black, people! Since I can't sleep I've been roaming the internet looking for inspiration. Here are my favorite finds.


I was inspired by the lovely Kimberly from Swoonworthy blog who has a fantastic home and a gorgeous bedroom all in black! I had met Kimberly at the Meet the Blogger event and got to spend some time with her. Besides being very talented and having a great sense of style, she is also one of the sweetest and kind spirited people I've met. And funny too. Check out her blog.

And by the way, how cute is this print of the Chanel no5 painting by Anne Harwell? I'm thinking of buying it for my bedroom. Love it.

Images via Pintrest, Desire to Inspire and the MadeByGirl shop. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy week + winner Give Away

Hello monday! It's the start of a new week and for me, it meant going back to work after a week off. I had taken a few days off to go to Stockholm and to do some unpacking and decorating in my new home! New home? Yes! After almost two and a half years in my previous place, I just recently moved to a new apartment. Hence the few blogposts in january. I was busy packing and organizing. My new apartment is still a bit of a mess, so I won't be posting pictures yet. But the place is coming together slowly. And since it's monday, I want to send you off into the week with some words of inspiration: be a traveler! Life is so much more exciting when you go different places, try new things and meet new people! Have a great week, dears! 

Remember the give away in my second post (and the reminder in the third post) about my weekend in Stockholm? Few responded, but I've selected a winner* from the people who commented in those two posts (I'm excluding the bloggers who attended the Meet the Blogger weekend, though -'cause they already received the little cases in their goody bags ;-) And the winner is... Henny van der Wal! The purses are coming your way. 

*Winner was selected using the Randomator app.
Source image: unknown.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My weekend in Stockholm part 3 - City sights + hot spots

Hello dears! Sorry to keep you waiting. I've been sick in bed with a cold and a migraine. So, I wasn't able to blog. Today I want to share some images of the city of Stockholm. During my stay I had time to take a walk around the old part of the city, Gamla Stan. I also got a chance to visit the photography museum Fotografika on my last day, monday. And I also did some shopping, of course. Here's an impression of the rest of my weekend in Stockholm. This is the last post, I promise :)


If you love photography and if you're in Stockholm, you have to visit Fotografiska - the Stockholm photogrpahy museum. I got a chance to see the exhibition of famous photographer David La Chapelle! Great photography and I loved the vivid and bright colours in his photography. His images are provocative, sometimes somewhat disturbing but always with a social message.

These are just a few images of the exhibition, to give you an impression. If any of you are in Stockholm the coming weeks, you have until the 3rd of march to visit the exhibition. Or check out the website of David LaChapelle for more about him and his work.

Together with the sweet and lovely Lia from the blog Scandinasian by Lendalia I had a nice lunch, talked for hours, visited the exhibition and then went nuts in the museum shop! We bought some lovely posters there.
Tip: the Fotografiska is a great place to have lunch! Tasty fresh food and the restaurant has a great view of Stockholm!

I arrived in Stockholm on friday afternoon and I immediately went into the city to explore. I also did some design shopping that first day. Here are my favorite hot spots :

Check the website for the addresses or you can shop online (even better ;-).
So, that's it dears. That'll be all on my trip to Stockholm. I didn't get a chance to visit the Design Week because I left monday evening. Maybe next year.

Don't forget about the give away in my previous post - the two make-up cases, leave a comment and you just might win. Have a great weekend! Natascha xoxo

All images by me - shot with iPhone and edited with Instagram.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My weekend in Stockholm part 2 - The Design Tour + Give Away!

Hej vänner! I'm back to post about my weekend in Stockholm part 2. After the Meet the Blogger event on saturday, it was time for the Stockholm Design Tour on sunday. In this post I'll tell you about the shops we visited. And at the end of the post there's a little give away!

We gathered at the hotel lobby at the Scandic Grand Central at 13.00hrs. There we received our first goody bag with a lovely pillow cover from ELCE Stockholm the lifestyle brand for home accessories of the fabulous Tiina - who organized the Design Tour and was our guide for the day. After that we were off to walk through a very very cold Stockholm to visit the first stop of the day: 
Bemz - a Swedish textile brand specializing in covers for Ikea chairs and sofa's. 
The team of the Bemz store gave us a warm welcome with hot drinks and typical Swedish pastry! They  presented us with a sneak peak at their newest products to be launched later that week: their collection of bedspreads and pillow covers. 
Starting february 7th the products will available via the Bemz shop. And the great thing is, you get to mix & match and pick & choose from all the different fabrics for your bedding.  

Lotta Agaton
And then is was time for the highlight of the Design Tour: a stop at the shop of Lotta Agaton! Lotta is a world known interior stylist and all of us interior and decor bloggers know her and her work, and probably have blogged about her more then once! So, imagine our excitement when we learned we were visiting her shop! 
The shop is usually only open on thursdays, but Lotta opened her shop this sunday especially for us! We were a large group, so in no time the shop was bursting out of its seams with bloggers all trying to take great shots of the shop - which was nearly impossible with all the people crammed up in there. 
Above is the lovely Lotta herself talking to one of the bloggers. The shop is also her office space where she works and creates.  
One of the products for sale at the Lotta Agaton shop. Check out my Instagram page for more images

Svenskt Tenn
Our third stop of the day brought us to Svenskt Tenn - the store of the prestigious Swedish interior design label. 
Established in 1924, Svenskt Tenn is one of the oldest brands in Sweden. The label produces home accessories but is specialized in elegant and very bold patterns.  
Svenskt Tenn is an exclusive label that only retails in a few shops in the world. And it's exclusivity is apparent in the prices. That pillow above is about 180 euro's! Not even kidding! 
And although the designs of Svenskt Tenn are not quite my cup of tea, it was quite nice to visit the store and to learn about this classic label. 

Design Torget
We were a bit behind schedule, so we didn't get to go to NK, the exclusive department store. So we went straight to our last stop: DesignTorget! It is like a market place for affordable and unique design items. I had been at the shop already the friday before and had bought some cool things! 
The people at Design Torget welcomed us with champagne and a goody bag (image below). They had invited two of their designers Sergels Torg and Olle Eksel to be there and to talk to us about the designs they did for the store. 

Sharing is caring! And since I care about you, my readers, I'm sharing! Remember at the beginning of the post I told you we received a goody bag from Bemz? Well in it were these two lovely little cases in two different patterned fabrics by Bemz. 
And I am giving them away! Yes, you can win these two cute little purses! What do you have to do? Like Mocca & Me on Facebook, follow on twitter or Pintrest and leave a comment on this post. I'll select one winner from all of you who commented and I'll be announcing the winner on monday here on Mocca & Me! 

Tomorrow part 3, the final post about my weekend in Stockholm. The last one, I promise ;-)

All images shot by me (with iPhone and edited with either Instagram or Camera+).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My weekend in Stockholm part 1 - Meet the Blogger event

Hej vänner - this means 'hello friends' in Swedish - I just got back from... Stockholm! Yes, the past weekend I was in Stockholm to attend the Meet the blogger Stockholm event. It was such a wonderful experience! I have always wanted to go to Stockholm, the city had been on my Bucket list for a while now. So, when I saw that there was a bloggers meeting there I immediately booked a ticket. And I had the most fabulous time exploring bits of the city, hearing inspiring stories, learning new things and meeting wonderful, talented, creative people. I'm still excited about the whole experience! Since I have so much to share with you, I'll be doing so in different posts. In this post part 1 of my Stockholm weekend:

On saturday february the 2nd, about 75 bloggers from all over Europe gathered at the Scandic Grand Central hotel for the Stockholm edition of Meet the Blogger.
The event kicked off with a talk from key note speaker Will Taylor of the blog BrightBazaar. I've been reading his blog for a while now, so I was very excited to hear him talk about how to build a bright and successful blogging brand and how he turned blogging into a full time job. He even created a super cute and super handy Guide to blogging infographic with all his tips for us to take with us. I'll be putting them into practice on my own blog. My favorite tip? "Be a creator, not a curator!"

The second presentation came from the sisters Thea and Toni (left photo: middle and right), the founders and editors of online magazine SistersMAG. They talked us through their creative process and shared with us their passion for online magazines. According to these sisters from Germany, the online magazine market will grown tremendously and that is why they recently launched their digital publishing company Carry-On Publishing. Impressive. After the lunch break it was time for a presentation from the editors of Heart Home Magazine (right) talking to us about how three passionate bloggers came to produce an online decor magazine. 

I also got to attend the workshop on photography and styling for your blog by Jeanette Lunde (left) of the popular photography blog By Fryd. My favorite workshop was by Kirsten Jassies (right) of Sanoma's bloggersnetwork Blog Today. She talked about the rise of visual content. Loved it. Great examples and tips! You'll find her presentation on SlideShare.

It was a great and inspiring day! And I have to mention the food at the Scandic Grand Central hotel! Not only did it look beautiful, it tasted fantastic as well!

Although I didn't get to talk to everyone, I met a bunch of creative, inspiring, sweet and wonderful bloggers during this event. It was great to meet the people behind some of the popular and more established blogs out there and also to meet some wonderful new bloggers. Here's a list of blogs and websites from the people I got to meet:

Thanks to Liselore (Tulipa Media) and her team for organizing this wonderful and fun event!
Tomorrow part 2 of my weekend in Stockholm: the Design Tour! Stay tuned...

Image credits: all images in this post were taken by me, shot with my iPhone and edited with either Instagram or Camera+.